Love yourself first. Always. Can’t give away what you don’t have. Simple as that. If you don’t love yourself in all your constantly-being-perfected glory, how you expect to love another in all their constantly-being-perfected glory?

Love Is The Answer

Let neither pleasure nor pain interfere with the pursuit of purpose. You will endure it.

Dr. John Demartini

This is what my life has shown me lately... "There is one thing that you have been chosen for. One thing. There is no getting out of that one thing. You can try to run, force yourself to quit, and hide under rocks you know you shouldn't hide under, but in the end, that one thing will find you, it will create you, it will define you, and it will be you. If you don't know that one thing, be patient; it will move mountains to get to you. If you know what that one thing is and you're running, slow down and learn to welcome and cherish it. Don't run, or hide, because it will still move mountains, and rocks, to get to you. Give into that one thing and everything in your life will flow more smoothly, with an unexplainable sense of purpose, satisfaction and freedom. Don't compare your one thing with their one thing. This is your one thing. Not theirs."


Everyone of my scars, both inside and out, tell my stories. Of how, though wounded, I fought. I conquered. And I eventually healed. My scars make up who I am. Who I was. They remind[...]

The Best Is Yet To Come

If you could see how it all turns out, if you could trace back every twist and turn, you would be free from all the fear and doubt and just live through the lessons you learn. Though it's easier said than done, to make sense of it all, you don't have to figure it out all at once, just rise every time you fall.