Debut: April


April is my ninja warrior sidekick.

She’s been such a ray of sunshine in our crazy world over the last couple of years. It all started with a simple email about co-sharing.. yes, co-sharing, as in single parents living together to help with expenses. That kinda thing. Co-sharing may not even be the right word, but that’s what I’m using regardless.

She’s this super-crazed coupon girl and compost cooker but that’s one of the things I am most amazed; her ability to buy mountains of food and other stuffs for nothing more than pennies and make it useful. What’s not to love about that! I’ve tried and this ninja just can’t kick it as high as she can. I may save $20 or so during one trip, but HER.. she’ll regularly save $100+ every time she goes. I often wonder why God didn’t provide me with that ninja ability. Hmm.

She also authors a blog named An Apple A Day Wisdom. It’s fresh and oh so lovely! All kinds of tidbits and she’s just about as talented as me (so just kidding)!  She needed some “professional” pics for a multitude of reasons so she came to me. Of course, she did. Where else would she go? I’m her favoritest, though I’m no pro.

So we headed out to Madison Creek Farms, where resourcefulness and living an organic lifestyle takes on a whole ‘nother meaning. April speaks so highly of this place, and now I see why!

Nashville, Tennessee Life Photographer, Third Wish Photo, Dana Ross

Mega props to The Female Farmer and MCF for allowing us to use your farm and for your kind-hearted hospitality!

Dana Ross, Third Wish Photo, Life Photographer, Nashville TN

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