This young lady, however, had a bit of experience so she was quite comfortable in front of the camera. She already knew ‘the trick’ without knowing ‘the trick’. Make sense?  It’s natural for very few people but for her it was second nature. She required very little direction and giggled more often than not. Haha! Though most of my final shots tend to be on the more[...]

Second Nature


This is Chyanne. She too had never ‘modeled’ before, but she nailed it, didn’t she! It’s probably one of the most rewarding things in the world for this photographer to watch the transformation as it happens – from first introduction, to outfit selection, to hair/makeup, to posing/guiding, and then onto the celebration of a successful session. The only tears here are the tears from parents[...]

No Tears Here


This picture was the result of Miranda’s Teen Model session. It also resulted in publication in a national/worldwide photography magazine. She didn’t have any experience either. We both talked, we both listened, and we worked together to achieve this result. So never let fear keep you from doing this, whether for you or for your daughter. You will never see your daughter the same, and[...]

Magazine Worthy


All of the concerns I get from my teen models can be narrowed down to two thought patterns: 1. “I’m not a model! I’ve never been in front of a camera like this before.” or 2. “I’m shy and will feel awkward.” Both are very valid and both are quickly overcome, as you can see in my portfolio. This picture here, the one of Caylie, is[...]

The Trick, Your Friend, My Guidance


It also doesn’t matter your age, though I do work mostly with young girls 11-18. It’s such a critical age for body image and self-confidence. How they see themselves during this age, is how they will see themselves for the rest of their lives. It will also directly affect their relationships. It greatly affected mine. So starting young, giving them a reason to love themselves,[...]

Building The Foundation


First time she ever ‘modeled’. The. First. Time. So if you think you can’t do it, go ask Savannah. She’ll tell you how effortless it was and how much fun she had! I have two goals for every teen model session: To remind you of your beauty and to show the world that same beauty. God didn’t create you to hide. He created you to[...]

First Timer


Not sure how you stood up, Kam. I couldn’t even walk in tennis shoes, yet you had on 10-foot high stilettos here, too! Maybe next time, we should play nice and just go ahead and build you a well-deserved runway. Haha!

Stilettos on Rocks


Kam was wearing stilettos and had one heck of a time on this bridge, but you would never be able to tell by looking at this photo. She’s one heck of a trooper; the making of a true model right here!

Making of a True Model


Oh Linda, Linda… look what I found! I let Hannah take a few pictures with my camera after her session. She chose you, of course. We had just finished in the gazebo and you were there by her side… watching with such pride. You may not remember it cause it all happened so fast, but I’d say she did a seriously fine job!!!! This is[...]

Her Peace Radiates